Storming The Court:When Is It Right?

When should it be ok to rush the court?

It’s an activity that many fans dream of, but only so many get a chance to partake in during their lifetimes. It’s storming the floor following a big win by your team, and it’s something that is unique to college athletics.

But it’s also something that we see too often, and in particular, something done under the wrong circumstances.

So far this season, there have been at least six situations (that I can think of) in which the fans of a team has rushed the court after a big win:

But how many of those instances have been warranted? I’d say one, maybe two of them. That one being South Carolina taking down Kentucky. What makes what the Gamecocks did right, you may ask? Well, when thinking about rushing the floor, fans should take a few things into consideration before acting on impulse.

For one, the upset should be over a highly-ranked  — and of course, your team should be unranked — and over a team that is highly favored. Also, a fan should take into consideration how successful his or her team has been in recent memory.

That’s why South Carolina is a good example: they have never really been good. The school has only had eight NCAA tournament appearances (the last one being in 2004) and has only sniffed the second weekend of the tourney three times. Add in that Kentucky is a storied program, and was undefeated and ranked first in the nation at the time of the upset, and voila(!) you’ve got an ideal situation to storm the court.

The other instance that you could make an argument for? Providence upsetting UConn. Sure, UConn was only ranked 19th at the time, but let’s face it, Providence isn’t as prominent of a program (only five tournament appearances in the last 20 years) and UConn has itself been a great team in recent years. Plus, Providence shellacked them by 15+ points, so there is some gray area on that one.

Which brings me to UConn, who should be ashamed for rushing then floor when it topped Texas. Let’s ignore for a minute the fact that the Huskies have two titles in the last 11 years, and have made the big dance eight of the last 10 seasons. UConn has been ranked most of the season, so there should be no excuse for such a reaction after defeating ANOTHER ranked team.

The same could be said for the Illini, as much as SouvenirCity will argue otherwise, their fans had no business taking the floor. As I pointed out on Twitter when the upset happened, Illinois is five years removed from an appearance in the NCAA final and has made the tournament nine of the last 10 seasons. Not to mention that Sparty was playing WITHOUT its best player, Kalin Lucas.

It was really a shameful display by UConn’s and Illinois’ fans.

What about Indiana and Penn, you may ask? Well, Indiana has been down lately, but they are still a storied program that is also not far removed from success. And Penn? Well, it has won the Ivy League regular season title six of the last 10 seasons. Oh, and not to mention Penn is the 34th most prestigious division 1 men’s basketball program in the nation, according to some weird ESPN Prestige Rankings that I know nothing about.

I think I’ve ranted on long enough about fans storming the floor. Yeah, it’s a cool thing that a lot of us wish we could do one day, but it’s become an epidemic in the college basketball world… and it loses its uniqueness and appeal when it’s done so routinely in unwarranted scenarios.

So let’s close this out with one last rundown of what criteria should be met before an arena rushes the court:

  1. Opponent must be highly ranked.
  2. Your team should be unranked (for most of the season prior to the upset).
  3. Your team cannot have a recent history of success — for this argument, let’s say the last 10-15 years.
  4. YOUR TEAM CANOT HAVE A RECENT HISTORY OF SUCCESS. Repetition drives points home.

(H/T to @TallGuyDuke)



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28 responses to “Storming The Court:When Is It Right?

  1. mrejr8234

    WITOUT? they got beat because they had no wit? They shouldn’t have stormed the floor. Im an Illinois fan so I have more say that SC. Oh wait, you say he’s a Illinois fan as well? 15th favorite college team? Yeah, I still have more say than he does.

  2. Penn should never storm the court.

  3. For one, the upset should be over a highly-ranked — and of course, your team should be unranked — and over a team that is highly favored. Also, a fan should take into consideration how successful his or her team has been in recent memory.

    Illinois – unranked. MSU – #5. Illinois hasn’t made the 2nd weekend of the tournament since they went to the title game in 2005. Weber hasn’t recruited a top 10 Illinois talent in SIX YEARS.

    If you were a senior at Illinois at the game, this is what you witnessed during your tenure:

    Last year, you lost to WESTERN KENTUCKY in the first round. The year before, you missed the tournament. The year before that, you were a 12 seed that lost to VA Tech. A combined 59-43 record. Pretty damn mediocre and forgettable. Also, irrelevant to anything of note in the world of college basketball.

    Rushing the court in this instance was perfectly fine.

  4. Shameful is when the Hawkeyes rushed the field against Michigan in our homecoming football game despite being favored and ranked. That was dumb.

    And I’m a Big Ten fan with two siblings that went to Illinois. I grew up watching the Flying Illini of Kendall Gill. If there weren’t bandwagon fans, then the Blackhawks would still have 1,500 people watching their games and the Penguins would have relocated (one of those would have been a good thing).

    I wasn’t a Hawkeye fan before I went to Iowa, so does that make me a bandwagon fan because I’m an alumnus? Is Fetch a bandwagon Kansas fan despite going to school where the Unibomber lived?

    • mrejr8234

      SC. Listen you have been tagged as a fair weather and/or bandwagon fan(rightfully have two baseball teams..and have worn yankees gear even though you’re supposedly a cubs fan) it isn’t anything personal I am just joking with you. quit being sally sensitive

      • Sorry.

        I was accused of being a bandwagon Blackhawks fan yesterday and absolutely went off. The NHL needs bandwagoners. It doesn’t make sense to me when a fanbase divides itself like the Blackhawks are currently doing with the old guard getting pissed at the new fans. I welcome the new guys. Who’s to say that one fan is more passionate than the other.

        Showing up and supporting your team is all the qualification I require.

        /steps off soapbox

  5. mrejr8234

    That being said as a Illini fan I think we’re good enough to have expected to beat Michigan St especially when they don’t have their best player that we shouldn’t have rush the court.

  6. tallguy

    No hat-tip?

    Also, Illinois is apparently more prestigous than Duke, so no, rushing the court is not acceptable. If Kansas St. didn’t rush the court after handing #1 Texas their first loss, then Illinois shouldn’t be doing it for beating a Michigan St team that lost to UNC and was missing its best player.

  7. Paolo X

    It’s an even more bojack, hey I am on Youtube, check my tweet, me society than ever folks — let’s just accept it until the ultimate demise of such foolish pride — geez remember when those douches decided to do dances into a church sometime last year at some random wedding, put it on YouTube, and then so many mostly whyyyte folks thought it was cool enough that they mimicked it for The Office where those same folks watching acted like it was cool again?

    Nothing has changed fundamentally since such tacky folks 15 years ago thought it was cool to show their camcorder videos to everyone and watch ghey shows about them on network TV or when karaoke was new to the US outside of Asian communities and everyone had to try it …fuckin’ sheeple and lambs to the slaughter — by their own hands mind you. 😛

    Now back to regular programming please. 😀

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