The Big East: Where Black is East and Up is White [Updated!]

It was an interesting weekend in the Big East, to say the least. Let’s recap it, shall we?

  • Jim Calhoun announced his return to the bench for UConn… which then promptly lost to Cincinnati, dropping them to 14-11 on the season.
  • USF has fallen back down to earth by dropping its second-consecutive game after knocking off two ranked teams in a row.
  • Pittsburgh and West Virginia gave us an exhilarating triple-overtime thriller Friday night, where Pitt toppled fifth-ranked West Virginia by three after Darryl Bryant took a jumper just inside the arc… down three.
  • Then today, Louisville put a halt to Syracuse’s 11-game win streak and Rutgers took down Georgetown behind 24 points from former-Florida Gator Jonathan Mitchell.

So what do we know about the Big East at this time?


Expect the unexpected? Yeah, that’s all I got for now.

It’s no doubt that Syracuse should still be considered one of the top teams in the nation this year — as should Villanova, who survived the weekend — and Georgetown is still a good team. Hell, ESPN’s Joe Lunardi currently has six Big East teams making the tournament, with another five just missing the cut… of course, there are still a few weeks left in the season, so things can undoubtedly change. But one thing is for sure when it comes to Big East basketball this season, anything can happen.

Oh, and for the record, Rutgers fans restrained themselves from storming the court after upsetting No. 8 Georgetown, so big props to those fans.

UPDATE: And the Big East continues to confound us, as UConn, coming off of a bad loss to Cincy, drops the No. 3 team in the nation, Villanova. For those scoring at home, the four highest-ranked Big East teams (including three of the top five ranked teams in the nation) have all lost since Friday… and two of those were at home (Syracuse and Nova). Is the Big East really this deep, or is the madness just getting started a month early, this season?



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3 responses to “The Big East: Where Black is East and Up is White [Updated!]

  1. mrejr8234

    That sound you hear is Illinois crashing back to earth. Can’t really say I’nm surprised

    • Really? I thought that sound was everyone laughing at your chinstrap.

      ///but seriously, good point on Illinois, watch them fade down the stretch solely because of SC’s “sleeper” post about them.

  2. mrejr8234

    They were hot and then they probably got big headed because they’re pretty young and thought OSU was gonna lay down for them. Next year when our badass recruiting class comes in and we have some seniors Illinois will be a force. They might make it to the second round this year because of their ability to play above their heads but they wont get farther than that

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