Beadlemania Top 25

1. Kansas (3)

2. Kentucky

3. Syracuse

4. Purdue

5. Kansas State

6. Villanova

7. Duke

8. West Virginia

9. Ohio State

10. Georgetown

11. Michigan State

12. Wisconsin

13. BYU

14. Butler

15. New Mexico

16. Texas

17. Tennessee

18. Vanderbilt

19. Pitt

20. Gonzaga

21. Xavier

22. Virginia Tech

23. Texas A&M

24. Baylor

25. Temple

Also receiving votes: Wake Forest, Cornell



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17 responses to “Beadlemania Top 25

  1. Insulted! That Florida isn’t on there.

  2. I see my fellow writers felt the need to count Nova’s Monday loss against them. Even though on Sunday they were clearly #2.

  3. tallguy

    How in the world is Tennessee ahead of Vandy? That makes zero sense.

    Also, VaTech is a fraud. If they didn’t get Kentucky style calls last night, they lose by double digits.

    • 4 loss fraud, eh?

      I’m gonna vote Duke for fraud. Actually, the whole ACC and Big Ten for frauds. Minus Purdue of course.

      • tallguy

        Is your name TBL? Because he used that really stupid argument last night. Let me drop a truth bomb on you…VaTech’s non conference schedule ranking: 344 out of 347. Their ACC schedule: Miami, State, UNC, BC, UVA twice, Duke, GaTech, Maryland, FSU, Clemson, Wake once..aka the easiest schedule possible in the ACC. Their best win just happened yesterday against Wake, when they shot 47 FTs to Wake’s 27 even though Wake has the bigger and better frontcourt.

        There’s a reason that until last night, VaTech was either the last team in or the first team out in most bracketology rankings.

        As for Duke being frauds…nice job picking Maryland to win at Cameron on K’s 1000th game with Duke (and his birthday to boot). You and Jay Bilas are morons.

        • I’ll fully admit that this week I did basically no research on a top 25. My apologies.

          Agreed on Va Tech as far as schedule and stuff goes, but I like how they play fairly slow and play good D

        • Fear the Turtle.

          Duke’s not seeing a regional final this year. Defensively I think they’re the worst team in the top 10. Bob Knight would be ashamed.

          • tallguy

            Is ‘Nova in the top ten? Yes? Then no chance in hell is Duke the worst defense in the top ten. Going strictly by points/possession, they’re better than Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio St, Kansas St, and Georgetown.

            Do they play the same style of defense of previous years? No, because they can’t pressure the ball with only 2 guards like they used to. Has K compensated for the lack of ball pressure? Absolutely. Get your head out of your ass. They’ve had one really bad defensive game all year (Georgetown).

            • NC State was a solid defensive effort. 58% from the floor and 41% from 3. Lots of pressure put on by Duke in that contest…

              A brilliant 5 of 16 performance from future D-League star Jon Scheyer, too.

              There’s about 7-10 IF statements that lead to a Duke loss from a quality opponent. If Scheyer has an off night from the floor, if they don’t play good defense, if they turn the ball over (which I admit they’ve gotten a lot better at in conference), if they DON’T FORCE TURNOVERS ON DEFENSE, if they get crushed on the offensive glass etc. etc. etc.

              Duke has more holes than a 16 year old goth kid. They’re not that good and neither is their conference. There’s a loss to UMD, UVA or VT waiting to happen. This ain’t your early 2000s Duke team.

              Hell, the Redick and Landlord teams were better than this one.

              • tallguy

                Has anyone said they were better than those teams? No? Then why bring it up. Guess what, college basketball isn’t nearly as good as it was even 5 years ago. Kansas is the best team in the country, then after that you’ve got 6-8 teams that could get to the final four or flame out in the second round. Duke happens to be one of those teams. All of those ifs you talk about apply equally to just about any other team outside Kansas. (except the Scheyer if, which is kinda stupid because Duke has won this season during off nights for him several times…it takes an off night for 2 of the 3)

                Basically, you’re trying to say this year’s Duke team has no chance, b/c they’re not as good as previous Duke teams. Which is stupid, b/c this year’s Duke team doesn’t have to play anyone like the early 2000 Maryland teams or UConn teams, or the ’05 UNC/Illinois teams.

                There is one great team this year, and a bunch of good teams. Duke is a good team. Are they a lock for the final four? No. Are they a contender for the final four? Yes. And apparently for the first time ever, they’re a good bet for the first time ever:

                • Paolo X

                  “Guess what, college basketball isn’t nearly as good as it was even 5 years ago.”

                  Which is exactly why I and more folks who used to follow it many years ago just don’t care any more, not to neglect to mention the lower interest in the NBA than ever too. But you can’t blame it only on basketball — it’s just plain fragmentation of media, recession, and a Gen Y interested less and less in traditional activities and sports overall despite what you might hear from the mainstream media that still cater to the Baby Boomers for the most part.

                  At least perhaps the NCAA is choosing better sites (i.e. Indianapolis yet again at some point) for the Final Four unlike lame-ass Blandlanta back in 2007 where they had a hard time filling seats. Those dumbasses that is not a basketball town either.

  4. If we had to vote today, Purdue would have a first place vote…

  5. Paolo X

    I look forward to this post every week only due to the fights and true colours coming out amongst even the usually far less outspoken folks.

    Souvenir where have you been? It took this to get you away from the still? (ask Tomas for a briefing whilst you were out don’t be a stranger to Fetch’s Olypmic site)

    • I have no life outside of school and work currently. Wednesday is my only day of rest… which I will spend making a website for a class today.

      /loads gun

      • Paolo X

        Ah okay Souvenir thanks for stopping by and hats off to guys like you working their way through school.

        It’s never been harder for anyone to find good work with benefits (i.e. the health insurance clusterfuck!) since the Great Depression let alone go to school.

        As a country we have not been even close to like Allstate says “in good hands” for about nine years now.

  6. Blah blah Kentucky blah overrated blah blah more banter blah blah blah.

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