An Interview By One Of Our Own

Since there’s really nothing going on today, I thought I would direct you to Ridiculous Upside, SB Nation’s blog about the NBA D League, where I interviewed former Kansas Jayhawk and current D-Leaguer Russ Robinson.

You can check the interview out here.



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7 responses to “An Interview By One Of Our Own

  1. In about 6 months, you can interview D-League star Jon Scheyer. Actually, I think the entire Duke roster will qualify. That, or they’ll be lackeys on K’s bench acting as coaches.

  2. cgb

    Fetch has to have his hand in more blogs than any other blogger out there, either way, nice job.

  3. Paolo X

    Yes he’s the shit overall for sure, but I still can’t figure out why he likes ice dancing. Curling I can understand though I am not a fan, but that say what?

    Unless the chick’s nude I don’t get it.

  4. mrejr8234

    I’ll pay fetch $5 if the next time he interviews Russ(trust me guys he knows where “Russ” is at all’s gonna happen again.)he calls him Rusty.

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