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2011 Title Odds

Since the 2010 season is over, it’s only natural to turn our eye to the teams Vegas think will win the 2011 championship. If you’re into sports betting you will definitely want to check to see the favorites:

Duke +600

Michigan State +900

Purdue +1000

Kentucky +1500

Ohio State +1500

Kansas +2000

North Carolina +2000

Villanova +2000

Field +5000

Taking a quick peek, I would stay far away from Ohio State and Kentucky. Michigan State seems like the best bet to me, but if you really want to get nuts, Baylor at +4000 looks nice, as does Wisconsin +4000

In any event next year should be an odd year in college bball, and betting on a title team now won’t be advantageous. I think I’ll stick to football betting


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