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A Fitting Valentine’s Weekend Performance

It’s Valentine’s Day, which is the perfect time of the year in the sports world to take a look at some aptly named athletes for this holiday — kinda like what Fetch did for Christmas — and see if any of them actually live up to their holiday-infused names.

But since it’s the weekend, and it was a long night last night, I’m only going to give you one college basketball player who used this holiday weekend to put his name to good use. That player, of course, being Xavier’s Jason Love.

Living up to his name.

Saturday, against Florida, Love went off for 20 points (second-highest total of his career) and double-digit rebounds with 10 en route to the Musketeers’ 76-64 win over the Gators. The defeat of course delivered another blow to UF’s hopes of returning to the big dance, but there’s still some time left.

To go along with Love’s performance, he had a +/- of +17, second only to his teammate, Jordan Crawford — yes, THAT Jordan Crawford — who had a +21. Love was also responsible for Xavier’s fast start, scoring 13 of the team’s first 23 points.

So kudos to you, Jason Love, for living up to your name the one time of year that you are expected to.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, everyone.



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2009 Atlantic 10 All-Name Team

The All-Name Team will be a reoccurring feature here at Beadlemaniacs. How often it will run remains to be seen, but rest assured, by the time the season is over an All-Name team for each conference will be unveiled. Each edition of the All-Name Team will consists solely of a starting five. Today, we take a look at the Atlantic 10.

G – Ruben Guillandeaux, La Salle. I’m not sure what’s so great about this name. Yeah, it’s French in its roots, but that’s not such a big deal. What amuses me about it is that Ruben Guillandeaux also plays for a school that has a French name: La Salle.

G -Ogo Adegboye, St. Bonaventure. This

He look's just like the constellation, doesn't he?

junior out of England didn’t see the floor at all during his first two seasons as a Bonnie, but is averaging 6.1 points a game this year. He also leads his team in awesome names, with two a game.

F – An’Juan Wilderness, Charlotte. An’Juan makes this list for a variety of reasons. For one, he has an apostrophe in his name, which automatically qualifies him for the All-Name Team. Two, his last name is Wilderness, and well, that’s just wild, man. Okay, so maybe it was only two reasons. Regardless, An’Juan Wilderness makes the team for all-around awesomeness.

F – Orion Outerbridge, Rhode Island. Alliteration? Check. Named after a Greek mythological figure AND constellation? Check. Random last name that combines an adjective and a noun? Check. Congratulations, Orion, for making the team.

C – Fahro Alihodzic, Fordham. I’m not sure of the etymology of this name, but the kid is from England, for what it’s worth. Nor am I sure on the exact pronunciation of his name, but dammit, it looks like a great name.


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Site Of The Day

As you all are well-aware, we like to try to keep the Site Of The Day relevant to the day’s events. While perusing the pages of doing research for a later post, I came across this piece by Andy Katz about Duquesne basketball recovering from a 2006 shooting that shook the program.

So in honor of the story, today’s Site Of The Day goes out to On The Bluff, a Duquesne site from

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