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All-President’s Day Team

Keepin' it Presidential Today.

Another day with Fetch bailing on us to live-blog the entirety of the Olympics (you should go visit him, he gets lonely over there sometimes), so again I’ve been left in charge, since SC hasn’t been heard from in days. Today’s President’s Day, which means some of you probably have the day off from work… yet for some strange reason, I don’t get the day off from school. Go figure.

Anyways, in honor of President’s Day, we bring to you the best college basketball players with presidential names:

G – Tweety Carter, Baylor. Much like our 39th president — James “Jimmy” Carter — Tweety Carter doesn’t go by his legal first name (Demond). Beyond that, though, Tweety Carter is averaging 16.1 points per game for the Bears (10th in the Big 12), and leads the conference in assists, with 6.05 per game.

G – Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin. Okay, maybe I’m getting lazy with this name, but Taylor shares a last name with Zachary Taylor, our 12th president. Jordan Taylor is second in the nation in assist-to-turnover ratio (and first in the Big Ten) at 3.4 to 1. He also led the team with a 2.2 ratio as a freshman last season. The more you know!

G/F – Kevin Palmer, Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Who said all the players on this team have to have nonfictional presidential names? Palmer shares a surname with two of the most prominent fictional presidents of our time: Wayne and David Palmer, of 24 fame. For the Islanders, Palmer is pouring in 19.75 points per with a TS% of 59.2. And yes, this will probably be one of the few times you see Corpus Christi get some pub from us.

F – D.J. Kennedy, St. John’s. See, his last name is Kennedy, and he plays for a school with John in its name, so there’s that. Then of course there’s the whole “he goes by initials, as did JFK,” thing. So it kinda works three-fold. High five! But seriously, D.J. Kennedy is doing work for the Red Storm this season. As a junior, he is averaging nearly 15 points and close to 7 boards per game. That’s sort of presidential.

F – Quincy Pondexter, Washington Huskies. Okay, so his name isn’t quite what you would expect for this team. But he plays for the University of Washington, and when I hear the name Quincy, two people come to mind: super-producer Quincy Jones — he of Thriller fame — and John Quincy Adams, our sixth POTUS. Pondexter is averaging over 20 points per game this season for the Huskies while pulling down eight boards per with a TS% of 62.



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Texas’s Highlight From Last Night

After losing at home to division rival Kansas last night, Texas sits in 5th in the Big 12, and if the season ended today wouldn’t even receive a bye in the conference tournament. Quite a fall from the team everyone was calling the best around less than a month ago.

Texas still sits in 12th in the Pomeroy ratings, but the Longhorns cannot score at all, scoring less than a point per possession in 5 of their last 7 games, and suffering through a 22-0 run last night. The problem seems to hinge on guard Dogus Balbay, who seems to be a slightly worse version of  Doug Gottlieb. Defenders can sag off Balbay, knowing he can’t and won’t shoot, which allows them to focus on Damion James and the like.

Of course, Balbay isn’t killing them as much as Jordan Hamilton. The Freshman’s eFG sits under 50%, yet when he is in he takes nearly 30% of the teams shots, highest on the team.

Oh well, at least they’ll always have this .gif of Brady Morningstar.


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Big Monday Open Thread

Hello, fellow Beadlemaniacs! Tonight we have a great night as rivalry week officially kicks off. In the first game, Villanova and West Virginia, who practically are neighbors I guess, meet in a marquee Big East matchup.

Villanova and West Virginia are both teams with great offenses and not as good defenses. West Virginia’s defense is still good, ranked 2nd in the Big East, but it is overshadowed by the 4th best offense in the nation. However, due to the pace at which they play I am guessing the number of times you will hear their offense called elite will be less than 1.

Devin Ebanks is the player who gets the most ink for the Mountaineers, but he’s not even the best Sophomore on his team. Kevin Jones has the country’s 12th best O-rating if you include people with >16% of possessions used. Da’sean Butler has been great for the Mountaineers as well. In the end I am going to take the Mountaineers to win by 5-10 pts at home.

In the nightcap, perhaps the best matchup in the Big 12 conference takes place as Kansas visits Texas, where they haven’t won since 2002. The Jayhawks sit fairly comfortably at #1 in the KenPom ratings, due mostly to the #2 offense in the country. But it is their defense that Bill Self harps on. While Kansas has faced good three point shooting teams, their 2 point defense is the best in the country. They have finished in the top 10 every year since 2005, and the top 4 every year since 2006. As we all know, two point defense is more of a skill than 3 point defense, so expect the Jayhawks to trend upwards as the year goes on.

Texas has been hitting the skids lately, and actually sit in a tie for 4th in the Big 12. A loss tonight, and they could struggle to get a bye in the first round of the Big 12 Tournament. Damion James is undoubtedly their best player, but there hasn’t been a ton of support behind him. Dexter Pittman gets a lot of pub, but he’s not even playing in half of Texas’s minutes this year. Obviously Texas has struggled with free throw shooting this year (61%, 336th nationally) so in a close game, the advantage goes to their opponents.

The big key to this game will be how Avery Bradley and Dogus Balbay stop Sherron Collins from getting into the lane, and how Cole Aldrich and the Morris twins will matchup against James and Pittman. Austin has been a house of horrors for Kansas lately, and your guess is as good as mine as to how tonight’s game will shake out.

Enjoy the games, folks.


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An Analysis: Bill Self’s Toupee

We felt it was time for a little levity at the old Beadlemaniacs.  I certainly hope the other writers make fun of my coach for being a terrible coach, first and foremost, but also for having a heart issue that is driving recruits to Northern Iowa and Iowa State.  We’re a football and wrestling school.  They should have to play basketball outdoors and only recruit 300 pound men so they have some sort of advantage.

So, in picture form, here is my analysis of Bill Self’s toupee and his “high-low” offense.  For the record, yes… I hate this man.  He screwed over Illinois.  I’m in the process of finding my “Go Fuck yourSelf, Bill” t-shirt, but it’s taking longer than I thought.

Enjoy and have a wonderful evening, fake internet friends.



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A TFS Analysis: Kansas State

Kansas State was supposed to be a bottom of the barrel Big 12 team this year, but they have rocketed to an 11-2 start, narrowly losing their Big 12 opener to Missouri.

Kansas State makes their living in one big way: offensive rebounding. This year Kansas State is rebounding 42.5% of their misses, which is 4th best in the country. Over the past three years, they have been ranked 4th, 1st and 2nd. Just to make sure they aren’t making their living rebounding extremely well against bad teams, then disappearing against the good ones, I looked up their numbers against teams with good post players from the last two years.

Basically this chart was a lot of work to say that for the most part, especially last season, K State held their own against the best rebounding teams they played. Before you go overboard saying that they only outperformed their season long stat 3 times (ironically, twice against a national champion), that is to be expected. It’s natural for the team to beef up their numbers against bad teams, and thus suffer a bit against good teams, even if they rebounded well. So, this is a roundabout way of saying that Kansas State’s offensive rebounding numbers are for real, and you can expect them to be just as good this season. Continue reading


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Despite Contrary Reports, Sooners Good at Basketball

It’s pretty well known that I’m not a huge Big 12 fan.  Mostly because of football and the traitorous Bill Self.  But when I looked at KenPom last night after the Bedlam game and saw that Oklahoma was ranked 28th in the country in offensive turnover efficiency and then started looking at some of their main contributors I must say…

The Big 12 is pretty fucking good at basketball.

Continue reading


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Big Monday: Open Threadage

It’s January, which means two things for college basketball fans: the start of conference play, and the return of Big Monday on ESPN. We try to do open threads around here for most big primetime games, and thus, every — or at least, most — Mondays, we will have an some open threadage for all of you to discuss the games, and life, or whatever it is you want to talk about.

On tap for tonight: a Big East throw down between 4th-ranked Villanova and host, Louisville (or Lullvull, as the locals pronounce it… trust me on this one). That game’s at 7, Eastern time. After that, we get an in-state Big 12 matchup with Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. Biggest reason to watch that game: the chance that Tiny Gallon shatters another backboard.

Let the festivities begin. By the way, tonight, the house rules are BYOB, since I’ll likely be working part of the night. And as usual, don’t break any of SouvenirCity’s Starting Lineup figurines… he hates when people mess with those things.


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