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Nothin’ But ‘Net

Nothin’ but ‘net is our ever so often look at what’s going on around the internet. Enjoy.

This is a great cause, and I’ll probably have more about it in the coming days: Love College Hoops… Beat Cancer Week is next week. (National Association of Basketball Coaches)

What’s been wrong with Florida since those back-to-back titles? (Sparty and Friends)

DeMarcus Cousins tells fans to call him… after they’d been calling him all week and bombarding his cell phone. (Buster Sports)

Your National Player of the Year: Evan Turner… according to a straw poll of 50 voters from around the nation. (RTC)

We all know SC wants Steve Lavin to coach DePaul, but could we see Billy Gillispie there instead? (CBS2)

A couple of bracketology links for your viewing pleasure:

– From ESPN’s Joe Lunardi (ESPN)

– And one courtesy of Blogging the Bracket. (Blogging the Bracket)


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Nothin But ‘Net

Nothin But ‘Net is our ever so often look around the internets. Enjoy.

The most important statistic in bball (The Only Colors)

Our very own Fetch predicts the medal winners for every Olympic event (starting tomorrow!) (Olympic Sports Blog)

Taking a look at some potential #1 overall seeds (Rock Chalk Talk)

There are a few fanbases who will be pissed at RTC for this post (Rush The Court)

In case you missed it yesterday, Jim Calhoun has returned from his leave of absence. (The UConn Blog)

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for the Tar Heels… Ed Davis out six weeks (Observations from Above the Rim)

Former Oklahoma State coach Sean Sutton busted for drugs (Tulsa World)

Not college basketball related, but “Pistol” Pete Maravich delivered some pwnsauce in HORSE back in the day (Josh Q. Public)

Sports Illustrated showing DoJo some love? You know I had to include this article: (Sports Illustrated)


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Nothin But Net

Wow, it’s been awhile since we’ve done links eh? Here’s your stuff to read over the weekend….

An argument for Evan Turner as POY (Sparty and Friends)

Taking a look at the John Brady legacy (Storming the Floor)

Ranking some mid-majors (Mid Majority)

Penn State enjoys chuckers (Big 10 Geeks)

A Wisonsin preview by a Michigan Blog (M Go Blog)

Not a fan of losing to DePaul (Cracked Sidewalks)

Debating meaningless things. His words, not mine. (Hardwood Paroxysm)

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Nothing But ‘Net

Nothin But ‘Net is the weekly link dump here at Beadlemaniacs. The name was coined* by co-proprietor Tomas Verde. The ‘Net is short for internet. Get it? Clever right? If you have any links you’d like to see mentioned here feel free to get at us on Twitter or via e-mail

The top teams don’t need to panic (Basketball Prospectus)

A Monmouth-St. Peters recap (Villanova By The Numbers)

Storming The Floor is having a contest and giving away a prize. (Storming The Floor)

Apparently North Florida’s mascots are named Ozzie and Harriet (Mid Majority)

The top 10 rivalries in college football. 6 and 7 are the best two (Sparty and Friends)

Graduation rates are going up (College Hoops Journal)

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Every so often, Beadlemaniacs is going to be perusing the web, giving you the best of basketball/weird/whatever the heck we want links. By the by, we are still looking for a better name for this feature, so whatever you got let us know. Alright, on to the links.


The reader's demand more Beadle; we give the readers more Beadle.

Some Final Four sleepers. (The Rookies)

Duke Frosh Mason Plumlee is out for awhile with a broken wrist (Rush The Court)

This is old, but oh so cool. (Storming The Floor)

Taking a gander at some transfers (Yet Another Basketball Blog)

A preseason bracket. We’ll have to take a crack at this. Maybe. (Blogging The Bracket)

Another preseason bracket. (Bracketville)

A review of Bill Simmons’s Book of Basketball (BB Prospectus)

I just wanted to link this blog because the greatest picture ever serves as its banner (College BBall 24/7)

A reason to love all 347 D1 teams. Yes, all 347. (The Grand National Championships)


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