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Beadlemania Top 25

1. Kansas (3)

2. Kentucky

3. Syracuse

4. Purdue

5. Kansas State

6. Villanova

7. Duke

8. West Virginia

9. Ohio State

10. Georgetown

11. Michigan State

12. Wisconsin

13. BYU

14. Butler

15. New Mexico

16. Texas

17. Tennessee

18. Vanderbilt

19. Pitt

20. Gonzaga

21. Xavier

22. Virginia Tech

23. Texas A&M

24. Baylor

25. Temple

Also receiving votes: Wake Forest, Cornell



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Beadlemania Top 25

1. Kansas (3)

2. Syracuse

3. Kentucky

4. Purdue

5. Georgetown

6. West Virginia

7. Villanova

8. Kansas State

9. Duke

10. Wisconsin

11. Michigan State

12. Ohio State

13. Tennessee

14. Butler

15. BYU

16. Baylor

17. Texas

18. New Mexico

19. Northern Iowa

20. UNLV

21. Gonzaga

22. Georgia Tech

23. Temple

24. Xavier

25. Vanderbilt

Also receiving votes: Cornell, Pitt, Florida State

For some reason my spreadsheet got deleted so I don’t have any cool facts for you guys. I do know that I voted Cornell the highest, but that’s about it.

Also, this poll is based on games through Monday, hence Texas’s low ranking but Michigan State staying relatively high. Although I’m not too sure how much to dock them since they lost without their best player.


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Beadlemania Top 25

1. Kansas (3)

2. Syracuse

3. West Virginia

4. Kentucky

5. Villanova

6. Texas

7. Georgetown

8. Purdue

9. Michigan State

10. Duke

11. Kansas State

12. BYU

13. Ohio State

14. Wisconsin

15. Temple

16. Tennessee

17. Northern Iowa

18. Baylor

19. Georgia Tech

20. Butler

21. Vanderbilt

22. Gonzaga

23. New Mexico

24. Cornell

25. Florida State

Also receiving: Pitt, Maryland, Ole Miss

West Virginia 3rd surprised even me. I had them ranked high, higher than anyone else, but not 3rd. Can’t really defend that one to be honest.

Get this though: I actually had Kentucky ranked highest. Chew on that one for a second. It’s probably because John Wall has wised up and said he isn’t listening to Calipari. This should make them much better without him slowing them down.

Nothing else too out of the ordinary as far as I can see (maybe Temple as a top 15 team) but then again it’s past 1 in the morning and I am tired as all hell.

Air your grievances here.


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Beadlemaniacs Top 25

This week we see a new #1 in the top 25 as previous #1 Texas lost twice last week.

1. Kansas (2)

2. Syracuse

3. Kentucky (1)

4. Villanova

5. Texas

6. Michigan State

7. Duke

8. Georgetown

9. Kansas State

10. West Virginia

11. BYU

12. Purdue

13. Tennessee

14. Wisconsin

15. Temple

16. Ohio State

17. Pitt

18. Northern Iowa

19. Georgia Tech

20. Baylor

21. Maryland

22. Temple

23. Butler

24. Ole Miss

25. UConn

Also receiving votes: Gonzaga, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, New Mexico

For the first time in Beadlemaniacs history, a team that received a #1 vote isn’t one of the top 2 ranked teams in the country. Kentucky, who is undefeated, is 3rd in our rankings based both on a fairly weak schedule and not an elite statistical performance.

BYU gets to 11 based on one of us putting them in the top 5 (I’ll let you guess as to who that is), Texas stays in the top 5 due to their elite defense.

For the first week all year, I don’t put Duke supremely high in the ratings due to their good standing in the KenPom ratings. But the biggest surprise of the poll this week, easily, is..

I had Gonzaga in my top 25.


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Week Of January 18th Top 25

Hey we got one of these out on Monday! This will be updated at the little tab up top as well so you can look throughout the week.

1. Texas (3)

2. Kansas

3. Kentucky

4. Villanova

5. Syracuse

6. Duke

7. Kansas State

8. Michigan State

9. Tennessee

10. West Virginia

11. Wisconsin

12. Purdue

13. Georgetown

14. Pitt

15. BYU

16. Georgia Tech

17. Clemson

18. Northern Iowa

19. Ohio State

20. Temple

21. Mizzou

22. Ole Miss

23. Baylor

24. Butler

25. Gonzaga

Also Receiving Votes: Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Maryland, New Mexico, Marquette

Quick commentary: I have to come right out and say that I don’t agree with Duke’s placement at all. They’re ranked #1 in KenPom (I had them three on my ballot) and are very very solid in the backcourt, the most important position in college basketball. I also had BYU a lot higher than where they are ranked here, as well as Northern Iowa.

Gonzaga is ranked 25th despite receiving votes from only one Beadlemaniac, while Mississippi State got votes from 2. I had Wisconsin, BYU and Northern Iowa the highest, while I had Kentucky the lowest.

List your grievances here.


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