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2011 Title Odds

Since the 2010 season is over, it’s only natural to turn our eye to the teams Vegas think will win the 2011 championship. If you’re into sports betting you will definitely want to check to see the favorites:

Duke +600

Michigan State +900

Purdue +1000

Kentucky +1500

Ohio State +1500

Kansas +2000

North Carolina +2000

Villanova +2000

Field +5000

Taking a quick peek, I would stay far away from Ohio State and Kentucky. Michigan State seems like the best bet to me, but if you really want to get nuts, Baylor at +4000 looks nice, as does Wisconsin +4000

In any event next year should be an odd year in college bball, and betting on a title team now won’t be advantageous. I think I’ll stick to football betting


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Bigtime Site News

Ladies and gentlemen, the day has come. We have moved.

Check out our new site, now part of the Bloguin network, here.

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All-President’s Day Team

Keepin' it Presidential Today.

Another day with Fetch bailing on us to live-blog the entirety of the Olympics (you should go visit him, he gets lonely over there sometimes), so again I’ve been left in charge, since SC hasn’t been heard from in days. Today’s President’s Day, which means some of you probably have the day off from work… yet for some strange reason, I don’t get the day off from school. Go figure.

Anyways, in honor of President’s Day, we bring to you the best college basketball players with presidential names:

G – Tweety Carter, Baylor. Much like our 39th president — James “Jimmy” Carter — Tweety Carter doesn’t go by his legal first name (Demond). Beyond that, though, Tweety Carter is averaging 16.1 points per game for the Bears (10th in the Big 12), and leads the conference in assists, with 6.05 per game.

G – Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin. Okay, maybe I’m getting lazy with this name, but Taylor shares a last name with Zachary Taylor, our 12th president. Jordan Taylor is second in the nation in assist-to-turnover ratio (and first in the Big Ten) at 3.4 to 1. He also led the team with a 2.2 ratio as a freshman last season. The more you know!

G/F – Kevin Palmer, Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Who said all the players on this team have to have nonfictional presidential names? Palmer shares a surname with two of the most prominent fictional presidents of our time: Wayne and David Palmer, of 24 fame. For the Islanders, Palmer is pouring in 19.75 points per with a TS% of 59.2. And yes, this will probably be one of the few times you see Corpus Christi get some pub from us.

F – D.J. Kennedy, St. John’s. See, his last name is Kennedy, and he plays for a school with John in its name, so there’s that. Then of course there’s the whole “he goes by initials, as did JFK,” thing. So it kinda works three-fold. High five! But seriously, D.J. Kennedy is doing work for the Red Storm this season. As a junior, he is averaging nearly 15 points and close to 7 boards per game. That’s sort of presidential.

F – Quincy Pondexter, Washington Huskies. Okay, so his name isn’t quite what you would expect for this team. But he plays for the University of Washington, and when I hear the name Quincy, two people come to mind: super-producer Quincy Jones — he of Thriller fame — and John Quincy Adams, our sixth POTUS. Pondexter is averaging over 20 points per game this season for the Huskies while pulling down eight boards per with a TS% of 62.


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Nothin But ‘Net

Nothin But ‘Net is our ever so often look around the internets. Enjoy.

The most important statistic in bball (The Only Colors)

Our very own Fetch predicts the medal winners for every Olympic event (starting tomorrow!) (Olympic Sports Blog)

Taking a look at some potential #1 overall seeds (Rock Chalk Talk)

There are a few fanbases who will be pissed at RTC for this post (Rush The Court)

In case you missed it yesterday, Jim Calhoun has returned from his leave of absence. (The UConn Blog)

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for the Tar Heels… Ed Davis out six weeks (Observations from Above the Rim)

Former Oklahoma State coach Sean Sutton busted for drugs (Tulsa World)

Not college basketball related, but “Pistol” Pete Maravich delivered some pwnsauce in HORSE back in the day (Josh Q. Public)

Sports Illustrated showing DoJo some love? You know I had to include this article: (Sports Illustrated)


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Who is Dominique Jones?

Last week, we brought you a post featuring the rarely-mentioned South Florida Bulls and the man-sized performance of one Dominique Jones. Well that was one performance that merely caught our attention, but at the behest of my brother — a USF graduate — yours truly has decided to keep an eye on DoJo as of late.

Sunday, DoJo (yes, that is an awesome nickname) went off again. He scored 37 points while bringing down 8 rebounds and dishing out three dimes in a win over No. 17 Pitt. Not too bad, right?

Well let’s take a look at his last eight games, all of which were Big East conference games. In that span, DoJo has put up 26, 30, 28, 20, 21, 46, 28 and 37 points, respectively. So why haven’t you heard much about DoJo? Well, because he plays for the Bulls, a team that has, historically, not been very good.

USF's Dominique Jones has averaged 29 points over his last 8 games.

Anyways, my brother and I got to talking about DoJo, and tried to figure out who he reminded us of. One of us offered up a comparison of this 6-foot-4, 210-pound combo guard to another Big East* guard of the same build: Dwyane Wade, who balled at Marquette before being a lottery selection for the Heat.

At first, I thought it was a lofty comparison to be making, but then I decided to check out the stats of both players in what was (in Wade’s case) and what likely is (in DoJo’s case) their final college seasons.

How did the two match up? Surprisingly well.

DoJo this season is averaging 22.095 points compared to Wade’s 21.515 in his final season at Marquette. Both shot just about 50 percent from the field, and close to the same from the FT line — Wade shot 77.9 percent to DoJo’s 75 percent. From beyond the arc, DoJo shoots 37 percent to Wade’s 31 percent (an area that many agreed Wade didn’t excel at).

In terms of effective shooting percentage, DoJo shoots 55.7 percent to Wade’s 51.4 percent. DoJo’s true shooting percentage comes in at 60.3 to Wade’s 57.3.

But the shooting realm isn’t the only place where these two combo guards measure up remarkably close. Both average(d) just over six rebounds per game, just over four assists per game, and had nearly identical assist:turnover ratios at 1.5 for DoJo and 1.4 for Wade. Wade also averaged just over two steals per game, while DoJo comes in at just under two per (roughly 1.9). Oh, and Jones also turns it over a tad bit less: 2.8 per game to Wade’s 3.2.

Pretty similar, no? Heck, statistically speaking, DoJo is probably a better player than Wade was.

So do you still think it’s a lofty comparison for DoJo? Take a look at his game the next time you get a chance. It’s very similar to Wade’s in most facets, except DoJo lacks the same explosiveness to finish in the lane that Wade does so well. On a play where Wade will dunk it on a hard drive, DoJo will probably opt for a teardrop floater — a shot that he has added to his repertoire this season, which has become remarkably efficient for him.

If you’re not sold on DoJo, then I would seriously recommend trying to catch a USF game sometime this season, because the kid has improved incredibly since he first arrived at USF as a freshman, and if he keeps up this level of play, his draft stock will continue to raise and come summer time, he could be a steal for some NBA team out there.

*Yes, we are aware Marquette was still in Conference USA when Wade was there.


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Australian Open Live Blog: (Hopefully) Not Fucked Up Comments Edition

No idea what happened. Hopefully this picture of Marissa Miller will make it up to you.

3:49 – I think I know what went wrong. Thank god. Anyways, Federer is up a break in the 2nd set, and just looks in control

3:51 – I am planning on going out for breakfast/lunch/brunch later this morning. Any recommendations? Note I would like to spend as little money as possible.

3:56 – Murray digs out of love-40 to get to deuce. Could be a turning point hold if he comes through here.

4:00 – And there is said hold as we near the 90 minute mark.

4:03 – In real news, Obama is apparently cutting back NASA funding. A lot of people on my twitter feed are mad. I say it’s about damn time.

4;06 – Murray with a hold, but Federer now serves for what essentially is the match.

4:10 – And there it is. Federer takes set #2 6-4

4:15 – re. breakfast recommendations: none of our readers can read.

4:16 – It’s crumbling on Murray. He almost looks like he just wants to leave.

4:18 – Uh, now it’s deuce. Sorry, Britain.

4:22 – Comfortable hold by Murray. On serve in the 3rd set.

4:26 – I like Fowler’s work on college gameday, but he seems like a cock face doing tennis.

4:31 – Not gonna lie, I am fading rather fast. No worries though, I’ve done this 2 years in a row, I can do it again.

4:35 – Murray breaks Federer to go up 4-2 in the set.

4:37 – It’s weird that Scottish people are repping the Scottish flag and not the British flag. The shit happened like 700 years ago people. Brits are weirdos. Good thing we won the Revolutionary War.

4:41 – It’s amazing how one English chick can sound so hot, and the next sounds awful.

4:46 – I am really close to calling it a night. I am dying.

4:48 – Federer breaks, and we have a chance to get out of here in 3.

4:59 – Epic game here.

5:04 – Tiebreak. Murray wins the first 2 points.

5:07 – Couple ugly misses by each player, and we are back on serve.

5:09 – Murray up 5-4. Still on serve

5:11 – Murray has 2 set points

5:11 – Murray smashes one into the net and we are back on serve. Great returns by Fed.

5:13 – And Federer bones one to give Murray another set point.

5:14 – Murray had a rather easy put away for the set, and hit it out.

5:15 – And now it’s 8-7 Fed. Match point.

5:16 – Fed almost hit an epic shot for the title.

5:17 – Another set point for Murray.

5:18 – Wow what a drop shot by Federer. He is the master.

5:20 – Holy shit. There aren’t words to describe that point.

5:21 – Another set point for Murray. This tiebreak has woken me up so I don’t even care if he wins anymore.

5:22 – The 3rd match point for Fed

5:22 – 2nd serve: Not good for Murray

5:22 – And there it is. Congrats to Roger Federer for winning the Australian Open. It’s too bad that Murray took so long to get into the match or we might have had a battle on our hands.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by, and a special thanks to Franco and Billy Buckner for sticking until the end.

We’ll be back on Monday with your normal college roundball talk.


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Australian Open Final Liveblog

This is basically just a placeholder, and I’ll delete it when the liveblog goes up, but just a reminder that I will be liveblogging the Australian Open final, which is an epic matchup of Roger Federer v. Andy Murray, at 3:30 AM eastern time. See you there.


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