Top 25

Updated February 10

1. Kansas (3)

2. Syracuse

3. Kentucky

4. Purdue

5. Georgetown

6. West Virginia

7. Villanova

8. Kansas State

9. Duke

10. Wisconsin

11. Michigan State

12. Ohio State

13. Tennessee

14. Butler

15. BYU

16. Baylor

17. Texas

18. New Mexico

19. Northern Iowa

20. UNLV

21. Gonzaga

22. Georgia Tech

23. Temple

24. Xavier

25. Vanderbilt

Also receiving votes: Cornell, Pitt, Florida State


6 responses to “Top 25

  1. Your face was remarkably similar!

    /I worked off of my ballot from last week.

  2. mrejr8234

    what?! why is [insert random team] below [insert random team]?! you are all hack frauds!

  3. greatshatnersghost

    Kentucky #3, eh?

    Fine. You won’t be saying that when the zombies come, though.

  4. what? why is Kentucky below Texas? you are all hack frauds!

  5. I’m with you, GSG. They kicked ass tonight and deserve better.

    /high five

  6. Paolo X

    “And I will say this: Tomas Verde and Souvenir City’s polls were remarkably similar.”

    So what are you really sayin’ here Fetch, or are you just sayin’?

    /Just For Sake Of Some Instigation 😀

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